After completing the registration at 1xbet website every client gets his own personal account. It’s secured by password and number of banking account. You can find your personal data, betting history, Skype name and chat name.

At 1xbet account you are able to:

  1. Deposit funds with the most convenient method;
  2. Withdraw funds and payouts;
  3. Pre-order withdrawal;
  4. Chose the most convenient payment method;
  5. Change your personal information;
  6. Check you betting history;
  7. Transfer funds to friend;
  8. Check payment history.

Personal account is available for any registered user 24/7.

1xbet betting company guarantee that all your information and data contained in the account will be secured and remain confidential. You can log-in at the home page of the website. The button is located in the upper right corner. Sometimes 1xbet may contact you via chat for exceptional reasons like verifying your identity in case of emergency.